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Peer-Reviewed Publications


(in press) Manuals for Penitents in Medieval England: from Ancrene Wisse to the Parson’s Tale. Woodbridge: Boydell & Brewer, 2021.

Peer Reviewed Articles

Is the Audience Dead Too? Textually Constructed Audiences and Differentiated Learning in Medieval England.” Modern Language Review. Vol. 115 (2020): 497-518.

With B. Companjen. “Manuscripts, Metadata, and Medieval Multilingualism: Using a Manuscript Dataset to Analyze Language Use and Distribution in Medieval England.” DH Benelux Journal. 1 (2019).

“Private Sins in Two Thirteenth-Century Manuals for Penitents.” Leeds Studies in English (2018): 99-113.

“A Presumed Lost Leaf of Lydgate’s Testament.” Notes and Queries. 65.2 (2018): 177-179.

“The Effects of the Seven Sins: An Edition and Commentary.” The Journal of Scholarly Editing: The Annual of the Association for Documentary Editing. 38 (2017).

“The Readers of the Manuel des péchés Revisited.” Philological Quarterly. 95.2 (2016): 161-200. Print.

The Origins of Le Livere de Reis de Engleterre and the Relation of its Manuscripts.” The Bulletin of the John Rylands Library 91.2 (2015): 51-72.

“The Meaning of Middle English ‘Gent and Smal.’” The Chaucer Review 49.3 (2015): 371-75.

Book Chapters

“‘Desturné en us de secularité’? : Authority and Narrative Framing in the Cursed Dancers Episode of the Manuel des péchés.” The Cursed Carolers in Context. Ed. Lynneth Miller Renberg and Bradley Phillis. New York: Routledge, 2021. 73-90.

“The Parson’s Tale: Religious Devotion and Spiritual Feeling.” The Open Access Canterbury Tales Companion. Ed. Brantley L. Bryant et al. 

“Piety, Community and Local History: Le Livere de Reis de Engleterre and its Context in Cambridge, Trinity College, MS R.14.7.” The Prose Brut and Other Late Medieval Chronicles: Essays in Honour of Lister M. Matheson. Ed. Jaclyn Rajsic, Erik Kooper, and Dominique Hoche. Woodbridge: York Medieval, 2016. 15-29.

Other Peer-Reviewed Contributions

“Pierre d’Abernon.” The Encyclopedia of Medieval Literature in Britain. Ed. Siân Echard and Robert Rouse. Hoboken: Wiley-Blackwell, 2017: 1525-1526.

“Pierre Langtoft.” The Encyclopedia of Medieval Literature in Britain. Ed. Siân Echard and Robert Rouse. Hoboken: Wiley-Blackwell, 2017: 1527-1528.

Edited Collections

The TOMES Anthology: An Open Access Anthology of Medieval English Literature. [Project lead/lead editor of an open access, collaborative digital anthology project funded by a Dutch Research Council Comenius Fellowship]. 2021.

Other Scholarly Contributions

“Righting and Rewriting History: Recovering and Analysing Manuscript Archives Destroyed During World War II.” Queeste, 1 (2019): 98-102.

[with Thijs Porck and research assistants Amos van Baalen and Jennifer Jansen] “The Leiden University Old English Colloquest.” Teachers of Old English in Britain and Ireland Newsletter, 2018: 16-20.

Outreach Articles and Blog Posts

“mimi numinum niuium minimi munium nimium uini muniminum imminui uiui minimum uolunt: The Hidden Meaning of a Medieval Pen-Twister.” History Today 71.2 (2021): 16-18. [online version here]

The TOMES Editorial Approach.” March 2021.

The Middle English Anthology Unbound.” July 2020.

The Medieval English Translatathon.” December 2019. Write up about a fundraiser I designed on

With research assistants Amos van Baalen and Eva Kruijt. “The Open Medieval Editions by Students (TOMES) Project: An Anthology by and for Students (and Others!).” December 2019. Guest post on Teaching the Codex: Pedagogical Approaches to Palaeography and Codicology.

Reflections on Medieval Culture Through A Culinary Lens.” September 2019. Featuring reflections by students in my course: Ilse van Oosten, Ellemijn Galjaard, Vita Jansen and Lisanne de Wolff.

Guide Dogs in Medieval Art and Writing.” November 2018.

An Online Module for Teaching Manuscript Transcription.” January 2018. Guest post on Teaching the Codex: Pedagogical Approaches to Palaeography and Codicology.

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Research Grants 

2020-2024 Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research Veni Grant (4 year individual grant; 250,000 EUR)

2019-2021 Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research Comenius Fellowship (1-2 year individual grant; 50,000 EUR); see project overview

2018 Europeana Foundation Research Grant awarded to develop “A Digital Database of Manuscripts and Intercultural Dialogue in Post-Conquest England”, a digital collection of French manuscripts produced in medieval England

Internal Individual and Collaborative Grants

2020 [with Bram Caers, Emma Grootveld, Alisa van de Haar and Johannes Müller] ICT in Language Education Grant (10,000 eur) awarded for the development of ‘The Epic Course: A Pre-Modern Genre in the Modern Digital Realm’, a cross-disciplinary digital project-based MA course

2019 [with Alisa van de Haar] Research Traineeship Grant for ‘Pour aprendre romain’ Learning French Outside of France, 1250-1600’; enabled the hiring of two research trainees

2019 ECOLe Blended Learning Grant awarded to develop a Middle English resource

2019 Leiden University Centre for Digital Humanities Small Grant

2017 [with Thijs Porck] ECOLe Blended Learning Grant awarded to develop an Old English Learning App

2016 [with Thijs Porck and  Erik Kwakkel] Humanities Faculty Grant (17000 EUR) awarded for the development of “Leiden University Medieval Texts Online,” a platform designed to host students’ digital medieval projects

External Collaborative Grants

2021 [with Thomas Hinton and Edward Mills at the University of Exeter] Exeter College of the Humanities Global Partnership Development Fund Grant for ‘English Glosses to the Tretiz

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Prizes, Scholarships, and Other Honours

2018 Leiden Teaching Prize for the Humanities Nomination

2015 NeMLA Graduate Student Caucus Essay Award ($200)

2014 NeMLA Graduate Travel Award, adjudicated based on conference abstract quality

2015 UVic Digital Humanities Summer Institute Scholarship

2014-2015 Ontario Graduate Scholarship

2013-2014 Ontario Graduate Scholarship

2012-2013 Ontario Graduate Scholarship

2010-2011 Ontario Graduate Scholarship

2010-2015 University of Ottawa Excellence Scholarship

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Interviews and Features

Digitaal middeleeuws kookboek.” Interview about my medieval food and culture project in the Leiden University Faculty Newsletter. July 2019.

Kort nieuws.” Comenius Grant win mentioned in Mare, The Leiden University Newspaper. April 2019.

Three Leiden lecturers win Comenius grants.” Leiden University write up about the Comenius Grant winners. April 2019.

The 2018 Teaching Prize for the Humanities.” Leiden University interview for my nomination for the 2018 Faculty Teaching Award. August 2018.

FAIR Data Advanced Use Cases: From Principles to Practice in The Netherlands.” Interview for a case study about the FAIR Principles for data use. SURF, April 2018.

Medieval Manuscript Databases: Krista Murchison, Europeana Research Grants Winner.” Interviewed for the Europeana Foundation Research Blog, April 2018.

Project featured in Darja Fišer, Ulrike Wuttke. Boost your eHumanities and eHeritage research with Research Infrastructures.(PARTHENOS Webinar). 3rd cycle. Germany. 2018.

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