Teaching Projects

The 2019 Medieval English Translatathon

In order to raise money for cancer research and give students more experience working with Old and Middle English, I organized a “translatathon“; student volunteers translated short custom holiday greetings into Old and Middle English for small donations. Thanks to the generosity of the public and the dedication of the student volunteers, we exceeded our fundraising goal and raised over 600 eur for cancer research. We plan to make this an annual event, donating the money to a new cause each year.

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Editions of Middle English Lyrics

Students in my third-year Middle English seminar create their own editions and translations of Middle English lyrics. These are then included on the syllabus for the next year’s class.

Middle English Seminar Edition 2019
“Wose wartt wid pritte abeit amadde,” “Liuis firist & licames hele,” and “Le fiz marie, cil ke tut le munde fist”

Introduction, edition, and translation by Marijn, Berber Bossenbroek, Annefleur Donk, Bregje Duinhof, Simone, Maria, Julia Roos, Leontine, Gessica Sastrosoedjono, Renee, and Rob

Middle English Seminar Edition 2018
“Whoso seeth on rood,” “Thou that madest all thing,”“Now thou unseely body,” and “Abel was loosed in trueness”

Introduction, edition, and translation by Jitse Brouwer, Eline den Dunnen, Charlotte Gerrits, Caroline Koppelaar, Chiara Marchetti, Francesco Romano, Robin Schilp, Simone Tousain, Wouter Woltering, Jurgen van Vlimmeren and Monique van der Wal

Middle English Seminar Edition 2017

“Ful Feir Flour” and “Penaunce is in herte”

Introduction, edition, and translation by Caroline Koppelaar, Anne Irene Vos, Laura Spierings, Giotto Hak, Niké van Duijkeren, Hedwig van Zon, Catelijn van Doorn, Jennifer Jansen, Elise Klom, Iris Roozendaal, Jasper van de Velde, Dorien Zwart

A Medieval Feast

Students in my second-year Middle English class prepared their own medieval feast using recipes they translated out of Middle English.


An Online Module for Teaching Manuscript Transcription

I designed an online module for teaching manuscript transcription to Leiden MA students. Details about the module, and the process of creating it, can be found in this guest post on “Teaching the Codex: Pedagogical Approaches to Palaeography and Codicology.”

Lecturing in a Medieval Castle

With the aim of enriching students’ understanding of medieval culture, I suggested and helped organize an English department trip to a medieval castle, where I and two colleagues gave a series of lectures on pre-modern literature.

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Les ressources pour l’enseignement de la littérature française du Moyen Âge

Les étudiants de première année dans mon cours « littérature française du Moyen Âge »  ont créé leurs propres ressources pour l’enseignement des ouvrages médiévaux.

La liste des ressources